Divi Facebook Comments Module

Add Facebook Comments to the anywhere to allow your readers to easily comment using their Facebook account.


Content Options



Enter the Facebook App ID here. You can go to https://developers.facebook.com/ and click on Create New App to get one. It is a must to provide a Facebook App ID which required to use this module.

Page URL

Get the Comments of the Current Page, or for a Custom URL. This can be other page URL but it’s best to use it on your current page URL to keep track of the Facebook comments related to your page.

Number of Posts

The number of comments to show by default. The minimum value is 1.

Color Scheme

The color scheme used by the comments plugin. Can be “light” or “dark”.

Order by

The order to use when displaying comments. Can be “social”, “reverse_time”, or “time”. The different order types are explained in the FAQ

Social – This is also known as “Top”. The comments plugin uses social signals to surface the highest quality comments. Comments are ordered so that the most relevant comments from friends and friends of friends are shown first, as well as the most-liked or active discussion threads. Comments marked as spam are hidden from view. Time – Comments are shown in the order that they were posted, with the oldest comments at the top and the newest at the bottom. Reverse Time Comments are shown in the opposite order that they were posted, with the newest comments at the top and the oldest at the bottom.

Admin Label

This will change the label of the module in the builder for easy identification. When using WireFrame view in the Visual Builder, these labels will appear within the module block in the Divi Builder interface.

Design Options

Within the design tab you will find all of the module’s styling options, such as fonts, colors, sizing and spacing. This is the tab you will use to change how your module looks. Every Divi module has a long list of design settings that you can use to change just about anything.

Advanced Options

Use the advanced options to give your text module custom CSS ID’s and Classes. Add some custom CSS for advanced styling and designate the module’s visiblity on certain devices.

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