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Adding text to a shape is a great way to add interest and intrigue to your pages. But until now, doing that has been difficult and time consuming. Not anymore! With the Divi Supreme Text Path Module, you can attach your text to any shape in just a few clicks. Choose from a predefined list of shapes, or upload your own, and get creative with your text placement. 2022-05-24 at 19.09.47

Content Options

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Here you can add your Text to show in the Path.

Path Type

Here you can choose your Path type from 6 different types and you can also select "Custom" to show Custom Path. You'll have the ability to add your Custom SVG Code.

Text Direction

If you'd like to change the Direction of the Text, you can do so here.

Show Path

Enable this option If you'd like to show the Path as well.

Design Options


Here you can change the aligment of the Module.

Text Path

Here you can style & adjust your Path the way you like.

Path Color

If you've enabled "Show Path" in Content Options, then you can change the color of the path from here.

Path Width

You can change Path width from here, If "Show Path" option is enabled.


Change the Size of the Text Path from here, enable responsive option to change for mobile devices.


If you want to rotate your Text Path, this is the place for that.

Word Spacing

Want to add Spacing between words, you can adjust that here.

Starting Point

Here you can adjust the Starting Point to where it looks good to you.

Title Text

Here you can change the font, color, weight and size, etc of the Text in the Path.

Advanced Options

Use the advanced options to give your Text Path module custom CSS ID’s and Classes. Add some custom CSS for advanced styling and designate the module’s visibility on certain devices.

Last updated on 24th May 2022

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