Divi Supreme Random Image Module

Important: For Random Images to work optimally, you'll need to turn off caching on the page that the module is implemented on.

The Divi Supreme Random Image module streamlines the display of a random image on your website. Upload images to the module, and it will automatically select and display a random image. This feature offers an effortless way to showcase a variety of images without the need for manual selection.

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Content Options


Here you can upload your Images that you want to ranomly show on your page.

Image Size

Choose the Size of the Image here or leave it to "Full Size".


Use Image Link URL

Enable this option If you'd like to enable URL for each image. See below to learn how to add a URL to each image.


Here you can choose whether you want to open the image in Lightbox, simply enable the option If you want to open the image in lightbox.

Image Size

You can also select a different size for the image in lightbox only or leave it to "Full Size" to show the full image.

Design Options


Image Overlay

Enable this option If you'd like to show an Image Overlay.

Show Overlay on Hover

If you only want to show the Overlay on hover, enable this option.

Overlay Icon Color

Here you can change the Color of the icon that shows in the Overlay.

Overlay Color

Here you can change the color of the Overlay itself, use the transparency slider to make a transparent overlay effect.

Icon Picker

Choose the Icon to show in the Overlay here.


Here you can style & customize the Image by adding Border Radius, Border, Box Shadow, Filters and more.

Advanced Options

Use the advanced options to give your Random Image module custom CSS ID’s and Classes. Add some custom CSS for advanced styling and designate the module’s visiblity on certain devices.

Last updated on 28th May 2023

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