Divi Dual Heading Module

Are you looking for adding Attractive and Modern Headings to your Divi Site then welcome the Supreme Dual Heading Module to Divi Builder. Using this you can easily create beautiful Heading that attracts visitors. Showcase-1.png

Content Options


In the Content tab, you’ll find three Text Input options (Before, Middle and After) and you can have separate designs for each.

Dual Heading Text

Before Text

Here you can put the Before Text.

Middle Text

Here you can put the Middle Text. Make sure to add spacing before and after the text in the text you’ll write.

After Text

Here you can put the After Text.

Design Options

Every one of the text you’ll enter in Before, After and Middle Text field can be designed separately in the Design Options.

dsm-dual-heading-design-options.png ## Heading Settings

Heading HTML Tag You can change the Heading tag of all the texts (Before, Middle and After) from H1 to H6

Main Text

In this Design Option, you can change the font, color, weight and size, etc of all the texts (Before, Middle and After)

Before, Middle and After Text

You can easily style the Before, Middle and After text in the same way you style text in the Text Module(came with Divi Builder). And we’ll only discuss those options which are added by Dual Heading Module to style the text’s background, padding and stuff.

Background Color: Here you can add color to the Background of the Before, Middle and After text.

Margin and Spacing: Add some Margin and Spacing to the Before, Middle and After text, if you want to add some spacing on both sides of Before, Middle and After Text.

Display: You can change the display property of the text to Inline Block and Block.

Inline Block displays the text in the same line as other texts.

Block Displays the text by making it a block means other texts will not be displayed in the same line.

And you can play around with Before, Middle and After text by adding different colors, text-shadows, border, border-radius and more to each text.

Advanced Options

Use the advanced options to give your Dual Heading module custom CSS ID’s and Classes. Add some custom CSS for advanced styling and designate the module’s visibility on certain devices.

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