How to translate Divi Supreme Plugin

You can also use Poedit locally when translating. This is an open source tool for all major OSs. The free Poedit default version supports manual scanning of all source code with Gettext functions. A pro version of it also features one-click scanning for WordPress plugins. After generating the PO file you can rename the file to POT. If a MO was generated then you can delete that file as it is not needed. If you don’t have the pro version you can easily get the Blank POT and use that as the base of your POT file. Once you have placed the blank POT in the languages folder you can click “Update” in Poedit to update the POT file with your strings.

After creating your .PO and .MO files.

Make sure the following filename is named as "" or "dsm-supreme-modules-pro-for-divi-fr_FR.po" and placed them under the plugin /languages/ folder.

Example above is for French using "fr_FR". You might need to change to your own prefix.

More information can be found here

Last updated on 7th August 2020

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