Divi Read More Extension

This will allow you to Collapse Long Texts into Nested form. Providing you more way to Showcase Long Texts or Paragraphs on your Divi Website.

Currently, the available supported modules are listed below:

  • Text Module
  • Blurb Module
  • Call-to-action Module
  • Blog Module

Before Using ReadMore Extension:

Before you start using the Read More Extension make sure that It’s Enabled from the Plugin Settings. Go to Divi Supreme Pro > Enable ReadMore Content and the Click on the Save Changes button.

readmore content enable.png


To use Read More Extension, go to any of the supported modules (listed above) settings and navigate to the Advanced Tab Scroll to Visibility and look for Use Read More Switch. readmore-settings.png

Use Read More

This will enable or disable the Read More extension.

Show on Mobile Only:

Using this you can Collapse text for Mobile Devices only making it more Responsive.

Collapsed Height:

You can select the Height of the text to be shown and after the height will end the Read More text will show to show the full text.

Read More Text:

Enter your own Text for the Read More Text e.g. Show Full Text, Continue Reading.

Close Text:

Enter your own Text for the Close Text e.g. Show Less Text, Stop Reading.

Designing the Read More Text

  • Font: Change the Font of the Read More Text.
  • Font-weight: Change the Weight of the Read More Text.Font Style: Change the Style of the Read More Text.
  • Font Style: Change the Style of the Read More Text(Italic, UpperCase, Underline and more).
  • Text-Alignment: Change the Alignment of the Read More Text.
  • Text Size: Change the Size of the Read More Text.
  • Link Text Color: Change the Color of the Read More Text.

Use Shadow

It will add a very Nice Shadow to the text will make it more attractive for the visitors

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