Gravity Forms Multistep Form Loading Issue

Gravity Forms does not allow multiple forms to be placed on the same page. Additionally, if the same form is added to a page more than once, it may cause issues with form functionality and submission duplication.

For more information and a detailed discussion on this issue, refer to the following link: Gravity Forms Community - Displaying the same form in multiple different lightbox popups (submission duplication issue resolved).


To address this issue, you have two options:

  1. Duplicate the Form: Create a duplicate form with a different ID. This ensures that each form on the page is treated as a separate entity, avoiding conflicts caused by multiple instances of the same form.

  2. Duplicate the Layout in Divi Library and Trigger: You'll need to duplicate the form layout and trigger it to display in a new layout. This approach allows you to retain the same form ID while avoiding conflicts.

To prevent page refreshes during form submissions, it's important to enable Ajax. For guidance on enabling Ajax for embedded multi-page forms, refer to the following resource: Gravity Forms Community - Embedded multi-page form without refresh (resolved).

Last updated on 4th July 2023

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