Divi Scheduled Element Extension

Using this extension you can easily schedule the visibility of any Element like Section/Row/Module in Divi.

Awesome Features:

  • You can choose who to show or hide based on the user’s logged-in status. Apply condition to show it for All Users, Logged In Users or Visitors.
  • Select any user roles which is available to you from your WordPress site. You can choose to show or hide for author or all user roles.
  • Select days of the week. Monday to Friday or even weekend with your preferred opening & closing time.
  • And More...

This will extend the Visibility Option in all the Module settings that will allow you to use the Scheduled Element Extension. This feature is only available for Pro Users.

Currently, the available supported modules are listed below:

  • All Divi Default Modules
  • All Divi Supreme Pro Modules(Pro Version).

Before Using Scheduled Content Element Extension:

Before you start using the Scheduled Content Element Extension you first make sure that’s active or Enabled from the Divi Supreme Settings. Go to Divi Supreme > Divi Supreme Pro and Enable the use of Scheduled Element Extension Enabling-the-Scheduled-Element-extension.png


To use Scheduled Element Extension, go to any of the supported module’s (listed above) settings and navigate to the** Advanced Tab** Scroll to Visibility and look for Use Scheduled Element Switch. Useage-for-Scheduled-Element.png Use Scheduled Element

Enable this option if you want to use this extension for any module.

Show or Hide Module

  • Show Option - This option is very important. If you’ll select Show Option from the dropdown and will set the date and time then the module will be hidden till then but when the time arrives the Module appears which means you’ll not have to worry about the module visibility at a particular time If you don’t get time to change its visibility.
  • Hide Option - The same things go for the Hide Option. But your module will be visible till that time but when the time arrives the module will disappear.

Schedule a Date/Time

Enter your Desired date and time for the Module visibility to show or hide when the time arrives that you set here.

Use Between Date/Time

When you'll enable this option you'll see another Date/Time picker so you can show/hide an element between that date/time.

  • Schedule a Date/Time is the time of start.
  • Use Between Date/Time is the time of end.

Use Business Hour/Time

Enable this option if you want to show a Module only then when your business is open.

Select Day

Select your desired days here.

Opening Time

Add the Opening time of your business here so the module will be shown on your given time.

Closing Time

Add the Closing time of your business here so the module will be gone on your given time.

The time format here will be 24 hours.

Apply To

From here you can control the visibility of the module for specific roles.

  • All Users - Choose this option if you want to show the module to everyone e.g Logged-In Users and Visitors and all others.
  • Logged In Users - Choose this option if you want to show this module to only logged in users only, you’ll also get the options to select specific roles or select all for everyone who’s logged In on your site.
  • Visitor Users - Choose this option if you want to show this module to only visitors, which means this module will not be visible to Logged in Members it will be only visible to those users who they’re logged out from your site.

Disable On

This will disable the Module on selected Devices.

Please enter a valid email address.

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